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issaquah-lice-removalPediculus humanus capitis is a common condition, especially among children and teens.  At LCA Bellevue we deliver trusted, non chemical head lice removal options to those in Issaquah who have contracted this uncomfortable condition.  Those pesky bugs can keep children out of school, and disrupt your daily schedule!  From our one treatment lice solution to DIY options, we have treatments for every budget that are effective, safe, and proven.

Many of the products found on retail store shelves for years contain pesticides, insecticides, or other harsh chemicals.  Today, some strains of lice have developed an immunity against these ingredients, which means they don’t always work.  All it takes is one louse left on the hair, and the infestation can begin all over again.  While we provide several safe head lice treatment options for our clients depending on severity of infestation and budget, our recommended treatment is the AirAllé system using a device that “dries out” and kills those pesky buggers.  In fact, this is the one treatment we recommend, and it takes only about an hour and 15 minutes to kill every last bug and nit.

No one is immune from this frustrating condition, which is easily transmitted from one person to another by simply touching heads or sharing a brush, comb, or hair accessory.  When you want to kill head lice for good, why use OTC products that are messy, require several applications and follow-up, and don’t always produce the results you want?  By visiting our head lice clinic, you can get answers to all of your questions and most important, be done with those irritating little bugs.  Our trained technicians will have you back on schedule in no time and all, using a safe, natural approach trusted by schools and pediatricians.  We invite Issaquah residents to schedule an appointment with LCA Bellevue today!  Just call 425-256-3350 for the relief you deserve.