Safe Lice Treatment Mercer Island & King County

Mercer Island Lice Removal


A trained lice-removal technician determining extent of lice infestationNothing is more frustrating or inconvenient than having a pediculus humanus capitis infestation.  At LCA Bellevue we cater to children, teens, and adults in the Mercer Island area in search of a one treatment lice solution!  Using prescription and OTC products is time consuming, messy, stressful, and after days or weeks of treatment you still can’t be sure of the results.  We provide non chemical head lice solutions that are safe, natural, and most important of all, effective.

Our most popular option is the AirAllé system, a premium treatment that uses heated air to dehydrate nits/eggs before they turn into live bugs then we perform a comb out.  This is followed by a topical rinse that is specially formulated and designed to kill all of those pesky bugs and their nits.  By visiting our head lice clinic and choosing this “one and done” treatment, you can rest assured the infestation is gone.  You’ll be happy with the results from this method, which takes only about an hour or so of your time.  We understand many clients have a limited budget, and offer other treatment options as well.

Mom’s Trust Lice Clinics of America Bellevue for Organic Nit Removal

Regardless of which service you choose, our safe head lice removal options never involve the use of pesticides or other potentially harmful ingredients found in traditional over-the-counter products.  All services are painless, comfortable, and rely on natural, organic ingredients effective for those who want to remove head lice.  If you choose the do-it-yourself option, our technicians will provide detailed instructions so that you understand the process and importance of a thorough comb-out.  Why let those bugs control your life?  At LCA Bellevue, we provide Mercer Island clients with solutions that don’t involve the mess, stress, and anguish of using traditional products.  Schedule an appointment today by calling 425-256-3350.