Trusted Lice Removal Serving Renton Washington



Two certified technicians performing AirAllé treatments

At LCA Bellevue we provide a variety of solutions for those suffering from pediculus humanus capitis in the Renton area.  If you have any experience with traditional products found OTC to treat head lice, you know they are messy and a huge hassle.  Additionally, most require several applications and contain insecticides or pesticides, ingredients you may naturally be hesitant about using on your child’s head!  We provide safe head lice treatment that is effective and takes only about an hour depending on hair length and severity of infestation.

Our most popular treatment option is the AirAllé system, ideal for those in search of a one treatment lice solution.  Performed in our clinic, this takes about 30 minutes and is followed by a professional comb-out by one of our certified technicians.  The full service takes about an hour and 15 minutes.  We also understand that many families have budget concerns, and provide other non chemical head lice solutions including our express and do-it-yourself options.  If you do choose the DIY solution, be prepared to perform several treatments and spend more time.  Our technicians are happy to educate you regarding treatment and provide clear instructions.  We highly recommend the AirAllé treatment for those who want the best results!  A little of your time, and every little bug is gone without the need for follow-up – pure peace of mind.

Anyone can find they have an infestation, as all it takes is one louse which can be transmitted by sharing a brush or comb or even touching heads to get the ball rolling.  Before you know it, you have a full blown case of head lice!  Our natural lice treatment is effective, safe, and gentle on hair, unlike OTC products.  To learn more about our solutions or schedule an appointment, we invite those in Renton to give LCA Bellevue a call today at 425-256-3350.