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Recommended by pediatricians, our 3-step process including our exclusive warm air technology is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs. Call now to speak with one of our lice specialists to learn more about our treatment options.


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      I was treated with respect. Everything was explained to me in terms I understood. She also answered all my questions and was very kind. I would recommend this place to everyone I know.

    thumb Annette Odia

      Tracey was very helpful in educating us about lice. She did a thourough job on my wife and daughter. Very professional, clinic is very clean, and has variety things to keep kids busy while being treated. I Highly recommend her services to anyone!

    thumb ProGriff

      I am a lab tech and my daughter has been having lice issues through the summer. OTC treatments were not effective. Finally I turned to Traci at LCA. She is professional, great with my daughter, the office was spotless. We went on Sat. so didn't miss School. On Monday my daughter was called into the school nurses office for nits. She was nit free and told everyone about LCA. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    thumb Jody Levit

      My daughter and I both had treatments earlier this year (in March) and Traci was great. She was professional, quick and thorough. Thank you.

    thumb Karen Davren

      I was amazed by the customer service and flexibility. As a full time student, it is very hard to find time to fit this into a busy schedule. The LCA in Bellevue did an exceptional job at accommodating my schedule as well as treating my lice. I have had a similar treatment before, and the cutting-edge technology guarantees you will be lice free. I would definitely recommend the LCA in Bellevue.

    thumb Lena Woods

Head Lice Treatment Services

We end the nightmare of lice by dehydrating lice and their eggs in one easy treatment. Our FDA-cleared† AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics* because it works.

We know you are busy and we know you want to be free of the nightmare of lice so we offer a single, one visit treatment. Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO

Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment.


Learn more about our revolutionary process.

Lice Removal Services


The affected person and all family members should be thoroughly screened to find evidence of lice or eggs. Screening all members of the family is crucial to prevent re-infestation.


After screening, the trained clinician will provide a clear diagnosis of the level of infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and which treatment options are available to you.


Depending on your infestation level and your budget considerations, we will determine the best treatment option for you. Our goal is to ensure your family is lice free.

Head Lice Don’t Take Vacation During Summer in Bellevue – Tips for Parents

It’s summer, and lots of kids are off to summer camps.  Families are going on their yearly vacation while the kids are out of school, but unfortunately head lice don’t take any time off as kids and parents do.  Even during the months when your kids are enjoying their time off and having a great time with friends, screening for lice is important.  While you may not know it, there are natural products designed to help you in preventing an infestation, along with treatment should you discover your child has become a victim of lice while at summer camp or on vacation.

Summer camps are a prime breeding ground for head lice, who love nothing more than a crowd of kids.  Before your child heads off to camp pre-screening is important, as most camps don’t allow those with an infestation to attend.  Prevention of head lice isn’t guaranteed, however you can reduce the odds of your child becoming a victim by providing guidance regarding the sharing of brushes, combs, and other hair accessories in addition to warning about touching heads or taking “selfies” of the fun at camp, photos in which heads touch.

Ask About our Patented Air Alle System

Summer vacation for  your child may mean attending camp, playing with the neighborhood kids, or even having sleepovers every week or two.  Hot weather and humidity are conditions lice love, so be sure if your child is going to a friend’s for a sleepover to send along a pillow, comb/brush or other hair tools, and his/her own pajamas.  Better to be safe than sorry!

At Lice Clinics of America we are currently offering our product designed to prevent a lice infestation with our full service treatment.  Stop those critters in their tracks, and enjoy a wonderful summer!  We invite those in Issaquah, Mercer Island, Renton and surrounding areas of Bellevue to learn more about our products and services today.  Wishing you a fun, happy, bug-free summer!

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