Non-Toxic Lice Treatment Serving Our Bellevue Neighbors




Two certified technicians performing AirAllé treatments

Are you a parent in the Bellevue area with a child suffering from pediculus humanus capitis – or do you have an infestation yourself?  At LCA Bellevue, we understand how stressful it can be when someone in your family has an infestation, and the hassle involved when using many of the OTC products available in stores today.  We provide safe head lice solutions that deliver the immediate results you are looking for!

Traditional products sold in stores for years usually require several applications; in addition to the mess, the results are questionable as many “super” lice have become immune to pesticides used in these products.  Besides, who wants to put potentially dangerous chemicals on their heads?  We provide a one treatment lice solution performed in the comfort of our clinic, the AirAllé treatment.  Using our three-step process, machine, combout and finish rinse, lice extraction is successful.  Imagine being able to kill lice in only about an hour and 15 minutes of your time!  Safe, convenient, and proven to work.  We also provide other treatment options for those who are budget-minded or prefer a more hands-on approach, although the results may not be successful when you do it yourself.

A single louse transferred from an infested person’s head to another is all it takes, and this can happen so easily given that children and teens often share combs or brushes, or take “selfies” in which heads are touching for social media.  Our non chemical removal options are the most effective available today, recommended by pediatricians and trusted by schools and camps.  Learn more about how to kill lice with our services, or call us today to schedule an appointment at 425-256-3350.  At LCA we cater to those in Bellevue in search of reliable, safe treatment you can feel confident in.